Students are an important channel for communicating hurricane preparation, evacuation, and family disaster planning information to parents, especially non-English speaking parents. As an educator, leader or official in area school districts, you can play a vital role in preparedness by partnering with local officials to utilize the school environment and other functions to distribute information. The following are suggestions for how educators can leverage local resources for preparing students and their families for hurricanes:

  • Contact local emergency management representatives to discuss opportunities for partnering together to educate parents and family members through students.
  • Organize presentations, distribute information and schedule Town Hall meetings for parents and students that feature presentations from firefighters, EMS and the local police department on the importance of preparation, evacuation and family plans.
  • Utilize regularly scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences to distribute information to parents and family members.
  • Utilize other school programs, such as open houses, fall carnivals, and social activities, to provide information and presentations.
  • Distribute Together Against the Weather information when sending home report cards, school newsletters and other documents directed to parents and family members.
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